Teacher’s Training

  • 21st Century Teaching skills is a program that was developed in 2014.  It was launched in 2015 with a small group of teachers from the Shelter Community School (a Myanmar refugee center) and Edison staff members.  The aim of the program was to help volunteers who were teaching Myanmar refugees and Edison Staff members learn valuable teaching strategies and skills that would help them reach out effectively to their students.  The idea was to provide a platform for community service, but at the same time create training materials for our staff members.
  • Now we see that after running it for several years, participants are very enthusiastic about the lessons.  In fact, we can see that a wide variety of individuals can benefit from these units. Teachers, of course, can brush up on their knowledge with more current methods of teaching and methodology.  Parents gain a new understanding of education and can make informed choices about how best to help their children learn. Volunteers, who have little experience teaching and no teacher training feel more confident and equipped in their classrooms.  Even very experienced teachers find new techniques to try that they did not know about.  
  • Some of the topics in this course include:
    • How the Brain Processes Information
    • The Brain and Memory
    • Gamificiation
    • Facilitation Skills
    • Authentic Assessment Techniques
    • And many more
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