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If you believe that your child’s education is more than just chauffeuring your children from extra activity classes, tuition classes and passing or aceing an exam; Edison is the program for you!
Ever been told to think critically or think outside the box only to be stumped? Do you think it is fair for others and ever more so teachers to ask your child to do exactly that when they’ve
never been taught the many different thinking skills, problem solving strategies as well as critical & creative thinking? What’s worse is that teachers sometimes set critical thinking questions in exams as well
without giving or teaching students those skills! Yet these exam certificates are the “passports” into the workplace. It’s no wonder there is such a disconnect between what skills are needed in the industry and what are taught
in schools! Equip your children with skills that are critical


Why Edison?

Edison Philosophy, Vision & Mission Statement


Who we are

At EDISON, we are focused on education and training in equipping students with these skills that are essential for life not just in the classroom.
The word EDISON actually is an acronym that stands for Every Dream Inspires Success Once Nurtured?. The name, EDISON, was chosen because the inventor Thomas Edison displayed many of the traits and qualities we seek to bring out in people by way of education and training. Some of the traits Thomas Edison exhibited:

  • Creative
  • Critical thinking
  • Resourceful
  • Persevering
  • Able to learn from mistakes
  • Committed to growth
  • An individual thinker
  • Independent
  • Curious
  • Experimenting
  • Motivated
  • Self-disciplined
  • Confident
  • Well-rounded, etc.

We wanted to associate our name with the image that Thomas Edison conjures to people’s mind. All of our programs have the theme of developing critical and creative thinking skills running through them. Our programs include:

What we do

At EDISON, we specialize in equipping children, teens and adults with 21st Century skills like critical and creative thinking skills, English and teaching skills. Our programs include Edison Explorer (ages 6-12 years of age), English Wired (ages 13 and above) and 21st Century Teaching Skills (for teachers, volunteers and parents).
Over the last 13 years we’ve seen how much it has helped our students. Our alumni have won prestigious awards like Best Primary Center from the United Nations for Shelter Community School and its teachers; scholarships like the British International School scholarship for 10 year olds; national writing contests and gained entrance to top universities like Cambridge and Oxford.
Students often come back and testify to how much those skills have helped them adapt to the rigors of their studies at university and beyond. Teachers have testified on the powerful impact the Edison Teacher training has had in their classrooms. Parents and Students also see education & learning in a new light when they attend Edison Training.

How we do it
Edison Explorers
Lesson for the day(Depending on the unit) It could be a story, a discussion, scenario, activities
Application of the skill
Closing & Reflection + How it is applied in our daily lives

English Wired

EDISON EXPLORER: Shopping around for enrichment classes to supplement your child’s mental development and wondering what they really need? At Edison, we believe teaching essential critical & creative thinking skills to prepare them for life not just the classrooms/exams. Students are grouped into age groups for classes. Six to eight years old and nine to twelve years old.
We make use of a diverse range of units like Dinosaurs, Ancient Rome , Music, History and many more as a medium to allow students to not just learn critical & creative thinking, thinking skills and problem solving strategies but also be hone and apply them. These units are not only informative but fun, interactive & engaging as well.

  • Critical and creative thinking is taught within units that focus on: history, the arts, science and literature.
  • Each unit teaches several thinking skills taught and has review lessons.
  • Students are grouped into age groups for classes. Six to eight years old and nine to twelve years old.
  • The thinking skills that are taught are repeated over and over in different situations over many units. Repetition in varying situations reinforces the skills and show a variety of ways the skills might be used across subject areas.
  • Parents are encouraged to reinforce the strategies at home with the Today’s Lesson sheets provided each week.
  • Other events: Ancient Greek Olympics, art exhibitions, EDISON Explorer Flight Challenge, Invention Convention, The Odyssey Treasure Hunt and The Hero Within Scavenger Hunt for charity.
  • Events get parents involved more and are a great marketing tool.
  • Classes are highly interactive with lots of discussion and hands-on activities.
  • Teachers play a role of facilitator and encourager.
  • Some of the wide variety of things we’ve done in units:
  • Cooking, scavenger hunts, rocket launching outside, testing model airplanes/gliders outside, testing boats in a baby pool or large tub, glass painting, making sandcastles out of sand clay, t-shirt painting, building Roman and Greek architecture with wood blocks or straw art, using a microscope to look at spider webs, etc!


What are the Benefits?

  • Prepares children with the skills to be independent thinkers and learners who do not need to be spoon-fed.
  • Provides children with a knowledge base of strategies to apply independently to problems and situations they encounter. These strategies can also be applied to their studies to promote a deeper understanding of subjects that goes beyond memorization and test-taking strategies.
  • Exposes children to a wider background of subject areas often neglected in school.
  • Fosters self-esteem in the child’s ability to communicate and come up with creative ideas.
  • Makes learning fun and a lifetime habit.
  • Encourages and develops the use of higher-level thinking: analysis, problem solving, interpretation, evaluation, etc., along with speaking and writing skills.
  • Teaches children to create original ideas and opinions from what they have learned, instead of merely copying and memorizing information.