Edison English Wired (Ages 13 Onwards)

Ever thought of why our teens tend to get a culture shock when they transition from high school to college/university? This is because at college or university level, students are already expected to be able to independently learn not just from lectures but also take agency over their learning and be able to take what they’ve learned at lectures, be able to analyze, research, and articulate their ideas both in the form of a thesis/dissertation as well as a presentation as well as defend their thesis. This is where Edison English Wired can help. This program is what we’d like to call our pre university program in that we prepare students for life in university and beyond. This is NOT just your typical English Class.

  1. Syllabus that includes all the skills needed to do well at any exam that tests or uses English in the areas of reading, writing and speaking.
  2. Covers important competencies like research skills, research paper writing, public speaking, and more that are necessary for university, but aren’t addressed in IGCSE and other exam-based courses..  
  3. Syllabus that challenges students to think critically and creatively about what they write and read.
  4. Authentic assessment where students are asked to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills in English. 
  5. Texts that are imported from U.K and U.S.
  6. Class is engaging interactive.  Our weekly classes are full of lively discussion, interesting readings and meaningful assignments.
  7. An online component that gives students the chance to practice their English, get feedback and stay in contact with their teacher and peers throughout the week.
  8. Meaningful projects that sharpen speaking, reading and writing skills: Shakespeare drama, poetry slam, town hall meeting simulation, debates, etc.

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