Edison Explorers (Ages 6-12)


Shopping around for enrichment classes to supplement your child’s mental development and wondering what they really need? At Edison, we believe teaching essential critical & creative thinking skills to prepare them for life not just the classrooms/exams. Students are grouped into age groups for classes.  Six to eight years old and nine to twelve years old.  

We make use of a diverse range of units like Dinosaurs, Ancient Rome , Music, History and many more as a medium to allow students to not just learn critical & creative thinking, thinking skills and problem solving strategies but also be hone and apply them. These units are not only informative but fun, interactive & engaging as well.

Critical and creative thinking is taught within units that focus on: history, the arts, science and literature.

Each unit teaches several thinking skills and has review lesson.

  • The thinking skills that are taught are repeated over and over in different situations over many units.  Repetition in varying situations reinforces the skills and show a variety of ways the skills might be used across subject areas. 
  • Classes are highly interactive with lots of discussion and hands-on activities.
  • Teachers play a role of facilitator and encourager.
  • Some of the wide variety of things we’ve used critical and creative thinking skills in our units: Cooking, scavenger hunts, rocket launching outside, testing model airplanes/gliders, testing boats, exploring Henri Matisse’s color wheel, creating Japanese poetry (Haiku), building Roman and Greek architecture with wood blocks or straw art, using a microscope to look at spider webs, etc!
  • Parents are encouraged to reinforce the strategies at home with the Today’s Lesson sheets provided each week. 

Our Bi-yearly events allow students to apply thinking skills and celebrate achievements together with parents, family members and friends. Some of our previous events: Exploring entrepreneurship with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,  Ancient Greek Olympics, art exhibitions, EDISON Explorer Flight Challenge, Invention Convention, The Odyssey Treasure Hunt and The Hero Within Scavenger Hunt for charity.

What are the Benefits?

  • Prepares children with the skills to be independent thinkers and learners who do not need to be spoon-fed.
  • Provides children with a knowledge base of strategies to apply independently to problems and situations they encounter.  These strategies can also be applied to their studies to promote a deeper understanding of subjects that goes beyond memorization and test-taking strategies.
  • Exposes children to a wider background of subject areas often neglected in school.
  • Fosters self-esteem in the child’s ability to communicate and come up with creative ideas.
  • Makes learning fun and a lifetime habit.
  • Encourages and develops the use of higher-level thinking: analysis, problem solving, interpretation, evaluation, etc., along with speaking and writing skills.
  • Teaches children to create original ideas and opinions from what they have learned, instead of merely copying and memorizing information.

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