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Here are the programs Edison offers to empower you, your children & teachers for IR 4.0!

Why Choose Edison?

How we Empower You Together

We don’t just use an abstract term like critical thinking! We equip our students with a plethora of thinking skills and problem solving strategies and we use interesting topics that are fun like history, art etc as a vehicle to allow students to practice using these skills.

These essential skills that are necessary regardless of whatever industry your child chooses are:-

  • Critical & Creative Thinking by deliberately teaching higher order thinking skills and problem solving strategies
  • Communication Skills (Reading, Writing, Presentation & Speaking Skills)


Edison Explorers
Teaching thinking Skills using a fun and diverse topics like Dinosaurs, Ancient Rome, Space etc for Students Age 6-12
Edison Parent’s Training

We provide trainings to parents in bringing awareness to what skills are essential in giving their children the best chance of succeeding in life. Topics range from metacognition(how our brain works), the skills lacking in children that are not taught in schools, why having a growth mindset is critical and many more.

Edison English Wired

Using English Literature to teach skills essential for high school, university and beyond. Poetry, haikus, research paper presentations, debates, mock town halls, persuasive writing,portfolios and many more

Edison Student’s Training

We will be teaching life skills that are necessary to prepare them for adulthood. Skills like financial literacy, creating a vision statement for life, nurturing a growth mindset and many more

Edison Teacher’s Training

In this program, teachers will learn valuable teaching strategies and skills that would help them create classrooms that fosters critical & creative thinking

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